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The Game

"TACTIBO" is a turn-based tactical game in which the player embodies a deity who manipulates the environment by moving portions of the arena, impacting the patterns of allied "champions" and enemy "challengers". He must repel waves of challengers who have come to conquer the city, giving his champions the advantage. 


TACTIBO is a two weeks student project where we had to prototype the first iteration of a turn-based tactical game.

Game Tutorial


Mouse and Keyboard.

Victory Condition

The player must defend his base against waves of advancing enemies. He wins the game if the base survives. However, if the enemies reach the base, he loses.



Game Art

Elisa Knopp - Concept Artist/Character Artist LinkedIn

Alice Fernandez - Character Artist/UI Artist LinkedIn

Capucine Toussaint - Environment Artist LinkedIn

Hugo Bonte - Environment Artist LinkedIn

Thomas Dupriez - FX artist LinkedIn

Game Programming

Valentin Betrancourt - Game Programmer LinkedIn

Louis Houyez - Game Programmer LinkedIn

Axel Chatelain - Game Programmer LinkedIn

Game Design

Samuel Basset - Game Designer/Level Designer LinkedIn

Mathieu Desmarchelier - Game Designer/Level Designer LinkedIn

Emilie Reineke - Game Designer/Level Designer - LinkedIn

Timothé Dauplay - Game/Level Designer/Producing - Website




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I'm delighted to let you know you were featured once again, this time you took the #9 spot for the entire week!! Great job!

Thanks again, that's so cool!


AWESOME GAME! You took the #3 spot in my video today! I love Tactibo, and I can't wait to see more from you! 

Thank you very much ! So much enthusiasm ! ^^

It looks great, but the UI gets very buggy and half the buttons don't work. Also, not entirely sure how to play? Did I miss a tutorial or something?

Hey hello DoctorDoodle! Thank you for your com! We know about the many bugs and the lack of tutorial and I know how frustrating it can be when the game looks cool! But as said in the description it's the first prototype made by a group of students in 2 weeks. At this moment we're not able to go any further on this project (due to other student duties ^^). But why not finish the project in the future ! ^^